Meet Me

I am a courageous, creative and resilient entrepreneur providing thorough solutions to big problems.

I’m passionate about the process of learning and during the week I look for a balance between learning about business, education, psychology, growth hacking, singing, theater and body language.

I thrive when I am able to exercise my empathy to find solutions to the problems of a person or a group of people, in business and in life. To achieve this purpose I use methodologies of active listening, analysis, design and prototyping.

Curiosity led me to live in Madrid, Edinburgh, Chicago, Boulder and San Francisco and to travel to over 20 countries, including India, China, Peru and Canada. These experiences have helped me realize that we humans are able to accomplish any goal that we aim to achieve. At this point in our civilization, we have the opportunity to create a sustainable society, and provide wellness for each person. The biggest challenge is in the process of transmission of knowledge, showing to the majority of people that this goal is possible, starting with the youngest ones in our society.

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Raul San NarcisoRaul San NarcisoRaul San NarcisoRaul San NarcisoRaul San Narciso