Give And Take – Book Review

Give and Take by Adam Grant This is the best book I read on 2013 because:

  1. It is based on thorough research.
  2. There is great and compelling storytelling.
  3. It is death simple.
  4. It gave me a great framework I use often to have more interesting conversations about people dynamics.

In the book, Adam Grant explains how people fall under three categories depending on their style of reciprocity:

Matchers operate on the principle of fairness: when they help others, they protect themselves by seeking reciprocity. If you’re a matcher, you believe in tit for tat, and your relationships are governed by even exchanges of favors.

Takers like to get more than they give and put their own interests ahead of others’ needs. A typical sentence a taker would say is “If I don’t look out for myself first, no one will.”

Givers are those individuals that tilt reciprocity in the other direction, preferring to give more than they get. If you’re a giver at work, you simply strive to be generous in sharing your time, energy, knowledge, skills, ideas, and connections with other people who can benefit from them. Another trait of givers are not only generous when giving, they also believe that people are generally good and have the best intentions.

 If I could only retain one idea from this book it would be this:

Successful givers get to the top helping others succeed and making sure they get what they need.

Adam Grant is Wharton’s youngest full professor and single highest-rated teacher. He has been recognized as one of BusinessWeek’s favorite professors, one of the world’s 40 best business professors under 40, and one of Malcolm Gladwell’s favorite social science writers.